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12 Dec, 2015

Australian and Islamic extremists are the same – Afghan refugee girl tells BBC News

When Mr Shortis went on in the video to claim he and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the leader of Islamic state, would agree on their interpretation of Islam, Ms Haidary said she realised that in some ways Islamic extremists and Australia’s most militant anti-Islamic group were exactly the same. “They go straight on the Koran,” she says. “If the terrorists read the Koran and interpret it in the wrong way, they become terrorists. That’s also what these people are doing. I can’t actually differentiate between them.” And she should know. Well before she was engaging in debate with the UPF, Rahila Haidary was defying the Taliban as a six-year-old.

Source: Australian far right group ‘used me for propaganda’ – BBC News