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Power of History Tourism Lectures

A compendium of landmark lectures on past, present and future of Travel & Tourism by Travel Impact Newswire Executive Editor Imtiaz Muqbil, the Asia-Pacific region’s leading travel trade journalist-cum-historian.

14 Jan, 2022

Crossing the Rubicon: Door Opens for Travel & Tourism to Take a Stand on Political Issues

A cursory look at the numerous crisis which have hit global tourism in the past three decades will show that they can be divided into two – man-made crises such as wars, terrorism, economic disasters, local conflicts, and Acts of God such as pandemics, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes… Fitting somewhere in the middle is Climate Change, […]


9 Jan, 2022

Time for Brand name Travel & Tourism CEOs to Change Their Tune? Part 1

This current generation of CEOs is inheriting a bigger mess than ever. They claim to see opportunities, but I don’t see too many of them talking about the hazards, risks and threats of the chaos which prevails today. Have they learned the lessons of history? After inheriting the mess created by the outgoing generation, the […]


2 Jan, 2022

Reality Check: The Future of Tourism in a Dangerously Imbalanced World

Everyone says they want to learn from past mistakes, but how is that possible without first acknowledging those mistakes? If travel & tourism wants to vaccinate itself from the next crisis, it will have to rebalance its agenda, democratise its discussion platforms, re-set its own mindset, speak truth to power and hold those causing problems […]


27 Dec, 2021

Loss of Balance – The Biggest Failure of Global Tourism

The concept of balance will drive the post-Covid tourism development agenda. However, there is growing evidence that the chasms of imbalance are widening still further. Past mistakes are again being repeated. Tourism has a chance to make a fresh start from a nearly clean slate. A well-balanced recovery should be the basis of a New […]


19 Dec, 2021

A SWOT analysis of Visit Thailand Year 2022

The entire operating environment of Visit Thailand Year 2022 is totally different from that which led to the success of Visit Thailand Year 1987. As events of the past few decades have proved, tourism is no longer in control of its destiny. It is entirely at the mercy of external and internal shocks. That scenario […]


19 Dec, 2021

2022: 11 Historic Anniversaries raise Soul-Searching Questions about the Future of Tourism

In 2020, when the Covid-19 crisis was still in its early days, there was a lot of bluster about how it could be converted into an opportunity to create a New Normal and Build Back Better. In 2022, as a recovery seems to be on the horizon, 11 significant anniversaries will open windows of opportunity […]


5 Dec, 2021

How Thai Tourism Failed a Great King

In this video, made to commemorate the birth anniversary of His Majesty the late King Rama IX the Great, I share a few thoughts on what I consider to be the biggest mistake made by Thai tourism — exploiting the marketing opportunities presented by the various Royal events over the late King’s 70-year reign, but […]