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9 Mar, 2014

Russia invading Ukraine illegal? What about 2003 U.S. attack on Iraq?

By Nesreen Melek

06 March, 2014, Countercurrents.org

Dear President Obama:

Hope you and your nation are enjoying being Americans who are living in a free and a democratic country. A country that has the status of liberty stands high reflecting your idealism and nationalism.

The more I listen to the news covering your government’s stand about Ukraine, the more puzzled I feel. I am seeking your help to solve the puzzle as an Iraqi woman who witnessed war after war was launched by your government on my beloved country Iraq.

I will not open my unhealed wounds again and talk about the Gulf war, the highway of death, the sanction that caused the death of millions of Iraq kids during the nineties, your army’s atrocities in Fallujah, the crimes in Abou Ghraib, the use of depleted uranium on innocent Iraqi people who committed no crimes against the Americans and the daily suffering of the Iraqis caused by the last invasion on Iraq in 2003.

The whole world can say now that the war on Iraq in 2003 was based on a big lie. The weapons of mass destructions hadn’t been found as of today but the war on Iraq caused mayhem, destruction and horror.

Nevertheless, the depleted uranium which was used in Iraq, had led to a sharp increase in Leukemia and birth defect in all Iraqi cities.

The Pentagon and the UN estimate that US and British forces used 1,100 to 2,200 tons of armor-piercing shells made of depleted uranium during attacks in Iraq in March and April 2003, far more than the [officially] estimated 375 tons used in the 1991 Gulf War, according to a report published in Seattle Post-Intelligencer in 2003.

How could you justify the war your government launched on a sovereign country like Iraq, while you call “Russia invading Ukraine is a violation of International law?” What is the difference between the American government occupation / invasion of Iraq and the Russian invading Ukraine. Maybe I should put the question in another way, is there a resemblance between the two?

Mr. President: Is it again about the oil or is it about the freedom of the Ukrainian people who your government care about? Your government claimed that democracy and freedom would flourish in Iraq the time you invaded Iraq in 2003. Mind you Mr. President, the Iraqis hadn’t witnessed this democracy your government promised; instead Iraqis are killed every day due the lack of security. Or is it about the corporates which will make more money from killing innocent people and splitting another nation?

Your country and your aliens planted the seeds of fear in the hearts of the people who attended the Olympics a few weeks ago, claiming that there will be attacks on Sochi. , Mr. President: the Olympics turned to be a success to the Russians. It was another lie or I can call it another horror game which was believed by only idiots who trusted your judgement and words.

Why would we believe your words this time Mr. President, why would we trust your judgment, can you give me one reason why we have to.

Thank you.

Nesreen Melek lives in Canada but with an abiding love and devotion to her homeland, Iraq. She can be contacted at: n_melek@hotmail.com