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1 Mar, 2014

From the Protocols of the Tycoons of Zion – Haaretz

Why, and for what, are they paid in the neighborhood of a million shekels a month? Is it for their amazing, incomparable talent? Do we support them with salaries and cushion them with bonuses because they toil especially hard? They take it because it’s given to them, and those who give are also happy take – today it’s me, tomorrow you, each of us in turn – everyone here is just a big glutton. They take because they can, and who exactly is going to stop them?

“Executive compensation” has become the national liquidator, crushing the balances of our cooperative society’s solidarity. Never have the fat been fatter, or the thin more emaciated and depressed; there is nothing as alienating as flaunted wealth. Their gain is our loss, because all that money comes from us. Knessets come and go, and each passes a thousand laws. But there’s one law they haven’t managed to pass, although it has been introduced and then pulled from the agenda more than once. This is no coincidence; they’re birds of a feather, so they flock together.

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