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6 Aug, 2013

British Company Launches “Chocolate Tourism”


London, United Kingdom (PRWEB) August 05, 2013 – The $100 billion global chocolate and culinary tourism industries are being collided together by British company City Delights Ltd with their creation, ‘Chocolate Tourism: Delivered to you’.

The revolutionary concept of City Delights is to capture the experience of tasting the very best local hand-made chocolates, but without having to travel to the country and tiresomely search all around the city.

Their flagship London Collection represents the best of British culture and heritage because it collects together the signature proven bestselling recipes from six well-established and award-winning British master chocolatiers. This is a collection of brands in one box that represents the evolution of the chocolate industry to give a collective experience to the customer, and which also supports the small businesses which have been working over generations to perfect their individual traditional recipes that people wish to experience when they are abroad.

The City Delights London Collection has been proudly served at prestigious events such as the Royal Baby Shower in New York, European Royalty Ceremonial Dinners, and the British Airways delegation to the G8 Summit and United Nations.

It has been honored to be in the official Royal Baby category of the Visit Britain online shop and will be available along with the New York Collection in the premium department stores in New York and London this autumn.

Every major city deserves to have a City Delights Collection that can be used as an ‘edible flag’ representing each city and its culture, and creating a gift to give to foreign and native people alike. This is the next level of culinary tourism.

It is becoming a global phenomenon because people enjoy and appreciate experiencing each other’s cultures and traditions by eating their delicious food, whilst keeping their own identities intact. City Delights’ Chocolate Tourism has been especially welcomed because it reverses the trend of our modern globalised world towards a bland monoculture.

Imagine how your loved one or business partner would react when you surprise them with a collection of the best chocolates from London, New York or Tokyo? City Delights achieves this experience in a way never seen before and makes it easily accessible by delivering their classy and beautiful boxes directly to you.

To discover more, please visit http://www.citydelights.com.