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24 Aug, 2012

Corporate Culture Report Reveals a Need For Cultural Transformations


Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) August 23, 2012 — Insigniam, an international management consulting firm, has released a corporate culture report that diagnoses the problems of corporate culture behind many organizations, such as BP, Penn State and Microsoft.

These organizations have made the news due to issues with safety and policy, scandal and narrow profit margins. It is common consensus that their issues all stem from the need for a cultural transformation within the organizations. The Insigniam report breaks down some of the recent examples straight from the headlines and offers four key steps that organizations must take in order to overhaul their culture.

A previous Insigniam poll revealed that more than 42% of executives are frustrated with employee complacency in the workplace, and 47% blame culture as the biggest roadblock to innovation. Insigniam believes that this “complacency crisis” is the underlying factor behind the lack of cultural initiatives at organizations.

“We see complacency in many forms and at all levels of organizations,” says Michael Waldman, one of Insigniam’s co-founding partners. “It is so easy to be lulled into a certain level of comfort and safety with the way things have always been done, whether that be how we go to market, what opportunities we pursue, what problems we choose to solve or what we value and reinforce in our day-to-day ways of thinking and acting.”

“Executives want their companies to be innovative and to achieve breakthrough performance, and they say they know that culture is a key element. And yet we have done a poor job of equipping our leaders to have insight into their culture, or on how to manage the culture of their organization and provide change leadership,” says Shideh Sedgh Bina, one of Insigniam’s founding partners and author of the Insigniam Corporate Culture Report. “Many companies who take on culture initiatives do not deal with their culture change at a comprehensive enough level, and worse yet, many do not see their change all the way through.”

“Cultural transformation is about much more than just changing a mission statement or defining new objectives,” adds Bina. “A new culture must be intentionally designed and established to break through the complacency and deliver sustainable results, employee improvement and pathways to innovation.”

To receive a copy of the report, please visit http://www.insigniam.com.