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14 Nov, 2011

Time the West stopped being obstinate – chinadaily.com.cn

For leaders and citizens of the G20 countries, this week’s summit in Cannes is about as welcome as a visit to an undertaker. For all its unwieldiness and amorphous sense of purpose, the G20 represents the beginnings of an understanding, as necessary as it is reluctant, that a global economy with new growth sources must have a new structure of governance.

What keeps G20’s strength potential rather than actual, however, is a stark fact: In many Western capitals the G20 is still seen more as a symptom of disorder in the global system than a solution fitting for a new world of fragmenting capital, power and ideas. Before the G20 can become the force for effective coordinated action to address economic and political challenges, the old powers need to get over their outdated sense of privilege.

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