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8 Aug, 1999

When Will Global Religions Show More Tolerance and Less Parochialism?

Originally Published: Aug 8, 1999 As the turn of the millennium approaches, everyone is in the midst of conference-mania. At every street-corner hotel, there is a high turnout of big brains, egos, economists, futurists, and an assortment of techno-pundits, all with a solution to the world’s problems. Each of them identifies a particular problem facing […]


25 Jul, 1999

Key Question for Globalisation Gurus: Is Life Getting Any Better?

Originally Published: 25 July 1999 Buddhist scripture suggests that before taking any action, we should listen, think, question and then act. In a world that has become almost totally mesmerised with globalisation, a growing body of social scientists, environmentalists, researchers and indeed economists themselves who have both listened to and thought about the conventional wisdom […]


16 Mar, 1999

ITB Berlin: “An Event With No Limit”

Prof Dr Manfred Busche, chairman of Messe Berlin, launched the ITB Berlin in 1966 and watched it grow into the world’s largest trade show. In this interview with Travel Impact Newswire Executive Editor Imtiaz Muqbil he indulges in a little nostalgia, discusses the secrets of ITB’s success and his plans after retirement in June 1999.


21 Dec, 1998

World Faces Spectre of U.S. Dictatorship in 21st Century

Originally Published: Dec 21, 1998 The events of December 15-19, 1998, namely the bombing of Iraq and the US impeachment debate, have set the stage for an extremely dangerous final year of the 20th century. All indications are that it is going to get worse, not better. If Saddam Hussein has lied about the presence […]


29 Nov, 1998

Situation Wanted: Neutral, Trustworthy Peacemakers

Originally Published:  29 Nov 1998 I am poring through a book called ‘Who’s Who of Religions.” Edited by Professor John Hinnells, former Dean of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Manchester, the book is a detailed compilation of the lives, writings and philosophies of hundreds of prophets and popes, disciples and apostles, imams […]


12 Jul, 1998

All Religions Seek to Light the Lamps and Illuminate the Way Forward

Originally Published: 12 July 9998 The link between what the eye sees and the mind instructs is one of the central themes of every religion. Modern management’s adaptation of it is the statuette of the three monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. Every religion instructs us in the art […]


17 May, 1998

The U.S. Will Run out of Steam Sooner or Later

Originally Published: 17 May 1998 It’s been a good past fortnight for the global religious movement. The coinciding of Easter, the Haj and the Kumbh Mela festivals brought together peoples of three of the great global faiths in a unified display of prayer and spiritual rejuvenation. They reminded us that night is always followed by […]


1 Mar, 1998

America should stop playing judge, jury and executioner

Originally Published: 1 March 1998 Though the recent diplomatic effort by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to avert the US bombing of Iraq is being touted as a victory for him and the UN, it was first and foremost a victory for the power of prayer. No doubt, millions of people world-wide, and especially within Iraq, […]