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14 Jan, 2022

Crossing the Rubicon: Door Opens for Travel & Tourism to Take a Stand on Political Issues

A cursory look at the numerous crisis which have hit global tourism in the past three decades will show that they can be divided into two – man-made crises such as wars, terrorism, economic disasters, local conflicts, and Acts of God such as pandemics, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes… Fitting somewhere in the middle is Climate Change, a man-made disaster which could also be classified as the Wrath of God, rather than an Act of God. Nothing can be done about Acts of God, although their impact can be mitigated through early warning systems. Acts of Man, however, are entirely preventable. And it is well within the rights of the global public, most importantly those who are at the receiving end of those Acts, to demand a say in their implementation, full transparency about the decision-making processes, and accountability for cover-ups and mistakes. The oportunity to do that has arrived.