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26 Sep, 2020

Edition 2: 21 Trends, Risks, Ideas, Policies and Strategies (TRIPS) to help decision-makers Build Back Better

Compiled and edited by Imtiaz Muqbil, Executive Editor

Tourism Will Never Look The Same Again – Skyscanner Publishes New Trends Report

Search patterns for domestic, regional and international flights indicate that recovery will be multispeed, tied to the global economy and driven by low cost carriers. At the same time, the decline in business travel revenues for other airlines calls for a rethink of this part of the industry. 

Peace Pilot completes circumnavigation of the only two places on Earth where there has always been peace

What a trip! Travel & Tourism could do with more such inspirational adventures.

Stand together and build a just world, UN chief says in Int’l Day of Peace message

Even though Peace is the basic prerequisite for Tourism, this important commemorative day is usually ignored by the Travel & Tourism industry. Long after the Covid-19 pandemic fades into history, Travel & Tourism flows worldwide will continue to face the threat of regional, local and global conflicts, all of them man-made. Do industry leaders ever plan to find ways to alleviate those threats?

The future of MICE events in the age of machines: The Great Wave—a Transformative, Global Business Festival

Travel & Tourism forums are badly in need of some heavy-duty restructuring away from their boring and now outdated structure. This event offers some brainstorming ideas.

Marketers Struggle to Forge the Future of Customer Experience

“Marketers have plenty of data, but now it’s about leveraging that data across channels and organizational touchpoints in real-time and in a way that feels personal, relevant and even anticipatory. This is the marketer’s mandate today.” In other words: Data, Data everywhere, but not a stat that makes any sense.

Covid-19 Leaves Most Millennials Strapped for Cash, TD Bank Survey Finds

COVID-19 has placed additional strain on a generation already saddled with significant debt and increased living costs. More than 28% of millennials said they tapped into their emergency savings during the pandemic. Furthermore, one-in-five (20%) millennials don’t even have a savings account.

Remote work set to nearly triple in post-Covid world, reports XpertHR Survey

“COVID-19 will shape the working world for years to come, in particular contributing to a rise in remote work set to last beyond the end of the current health crisis. Given the tremendous strains placed on workers during the pandemic, such as fear of layoffs, isolation of remote work, increased caregiving and homeschooling responsibilities, and concern about contracting the disease itself, it comes as little surprise that maintaining employee morale has been a considerable challenge for employers.” Will this impact on Travel? For sure.

International students’ learning activities seriously disturbed by Covid-19 pandemic

“The pandemic has impacted the physical and psychological wellbeing of international/non-local higher education students. Universities should do more to help international students to obtain proper health information and learn about local social and healthcare support systems, as well as improve psychological support.”

FREE Download: Citrix Research Reveals Shape of Future Workplaces – More Robots, Fewer Managers

“Driven by flexible models and intelligent solutions that remove the complexity and noise from work, employees will be more engaged and productive and fuel innovation and growth like never before.”

Visa Helps Prepare Small Businesses for the Holiday Buying Season

This is a laudable lifeline for Small Businesses. While it will certainly help them survive over the short-term, it will also accelerate the long-term shift towards contactless payments and cryptocurrencies. The jury is still out on those, with a lot more homework needed to assess their impact on security, privacy and, at a broader level, on national sovereignty.

Spread of Covid-19 Set to Create $8.5 Billion Clean Room Robot Markets by 2025

Looks like hotel housekeeping staff will need to shift their skills towards maintaining robots.

How you look impacts on how you well you can sell, study shows

These novel findings, published in the prestigious international academic publication Journal of Marketing, give social sellers and e-marketers insight about how to leverage seller appearances in online selling.

Covid-19 Reshuffles Healthcare Executives’ Priorities

“Healthcare leaders are accelerating digital and payment transformation, with an emphasis on the consumer experience, telehealth, and interoperability. As a result, stakeholders are increasing investment in healthcare IT and fast-tracking initiatives to help prepare for the pandemic’s aftermath and future pandemics.” The result “could be a real game-changer for payers, providers, and consumers.”

Avaya Enables Students and Teachers to Bridge the Gap in the Digital Classroom Era

Another example of the edu-revolution set to roll out, impacting international education. Students will be able to access quality education from anywhere, at significantly reduced costs and minus the onerous visa requirements. Student travel worldwide will certainly be impacted.

Taiwan Claims Launch of World’s First Business Speed-dating Platform

These techno-events will impact the MICE sector in the same way that social media has decimated the traditional media and OTAs decimated the travel agents. Given the pressure on costs and the growing time-hassle factor of travelling, business matchmaking platforms will become perfectly viable alternatives to trade shows. Convention Centres and MICE bureaux face some heavy-duty restructuring.

American Workers Experiencing Work-From-Home Culture Shock

The Work-From-Home culture is creating a whole new set of risks, threats and opportunities, and will prove to be a double-edged sword for Travel & Tourism. Traffic rush-hours may become a thing of the past but corporate espionage will become a piece of cake.

Report probes how employers can improve job satisfaction and retention in post-Covid era

This report is for sale, but provides a good template for HR departments to conduct a similar exercise. The questions asked are quite enlightening in themselves.

Life Insurance Industry Invests In Cognitive Health To Tackle Future Of Aging

This announcement says that the insurance industry is moving “towards serving the whole person — from heart disease and diabetes prevention to stress management, and, now, cognitive health.” In other words, prevention is better than cure to bolster profits. A holistic approach is essential, and early warnings are imperative. Same formula could be applied to solving problems afflicting Travel & Tourism.

Employers brace for mental health crisis

The disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic will lead to significant increases in human insecurity and instability, as this report indicates. Families already under financial stress will face the highest levels of mental stress. That may create another opportunity, or aggravate existing social crises like alcoholism and domestic violence.

FORTUNE announces Sixth Annual “Change the World” List of Companies That Are Doing Well By Doing Good

Does such a list exist in Travel & Tourism? May be worth replicating.

COVID-19 forces one of the biggest surges in tech investment in history

This news may make the tech sector salivate, but the speed and scope of the upheaval will only replace one set of problems with another. That will create more headaches, especially for the Travel & Tourism sector.