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24 Jun, 2016

110 Factors That Shaped Thai Tourism

Bangkok – The record-breaking Thai travel & tourism industry is now recognised as the country’s leading economic sector, with enormous growth potential in the years ahead.

This achievement did not happen by chance. It is the result of Policies, Products, Promotions and most important, the hard work of great People, especially women,  who shaped and built this dynamic industry.

Today, regrettably, the emerging young generation as well as expatriates know little or nothing about its rich and varied history. Neither is there much recognition of the painstaking, phenomenal battles fought by its founding stalwarts to remove impediments, design marketing campaigns and enhance facilitation.

An excessive focus on the future leads to a shameful disregard and disrespect for the past. 

Don Ross

Imtiaz Muqbil

To rectify this intellectual deficit, two of Thailand’s longest-serving travel trade journalists, Don Ross, Editor of TTR Weekly and Imtiaz Muqbil, Executive Editor of Travel Impact Newswire, have teamed up to offer a unique series of lectures, talks and courses tracing the ups and downs of Thai travel & tourism since the 1970s.

Entitled “110 Factors That Shaped Thai Tourism”, the lectures/talks will delight and fascinate participants with in-depth facts and little-known anecdotes about the nascent days of Thai tourism and its many twists and turns since.

They are available for public sharing in the form of executive management courses, university lectures or public talks which can be organised on a request-only basis.

Who will benefit, and how?

  • NTO executives will better understand the secrets of Thailand’s tourism success and learn what it did right and/or wrong.
  • Policy-makers will find it useful to compare the status of their own destinations and get new marketing ideas.
  • Private sector executives will better understand business trends and tap investment opportunities.
  • NGOs will find it useful to remind emerging destinations about Thai tourism mistakes so that they can learn from them.

The lectures will be especially beneficial for Emerging Destinations in the developing world, universities and tourism faculties keen to upgrade the quality of their course content, and corporate management sessions keen to have a freewheeling discussion that merges insight and foresight with some thought-provoking HINDSIGHT.

Forget futurists. These days, historians are far more valuable.

Don Ross began covering the Thai tourism industry in 1973 and set up TTR Weekly in 1978. Imtiaz Muqbil began covering Thai tourism full time in 1981 and set up Travel Impact Newswire in 1998.

Interested? Pls email imtiaz@travel-impact-newswire.com or donr@ttreport.com to discuss details.