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Archive for March, 2011

28 Mar, 2011

“Medical Tourism Doesn’t Put Patients at Risk, Poor Planning Does”

A compilation of 10 interesting reports circulated by PR Newswire / PR Web last week. Also in this dispatch: Study Finds UK Expats Cancelling Plans to Return Home; UK Students Seek Original Work Experience Overseas; From Bodger To Broomsquire – New Book Aims To Keep Britain’s Traditional Crafts Alive; Europeans Favour Single-Ticket Use For All […]


25 Mar, 2011

India Leads Battle Against Bio-Piracy Of Traditional Knowledge

NEW DELHI: While European and U.S. companies and governments seek to combat violations of their intellectual property rights in the developing world, their own companies are quietly attempting to patent thousands of years of traditional knowledge developed by the indigenous peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America. At stake are billions of dollars worth of […]


21 Mar, 2011

Outbound Giant Germany Seeks Inbound Travel Glory, Too

ITB BERLIN — Germany, one of the world’s largest outbound travel markets, is on its way to becoming one of world’s top inbound travel nations. The country crossed 60 million overnight stays in 2010 and is targetting 80 million by 2020, with arrivals from China and India expected to figure highly.


16 Mar, 2011

Useful Industry Data from ITB Berlin — Downloadable FREE!

ITB BERLIN — The ITB Berlin (held March 9-13, 2011)  was full of  valuable industry data available free of charge. To save readers time, effort and money, Executive Editor Imtiaz Muqbil has compiled some of the key reports, research and presentations from its various sources into one comprehensive package.


14 Mar, 2011

Highs And Lows Of Women In Global Tourism

ITB BERLIN — In March 2010, 21% percent of countries had a women tourism minister compared to 17% of ministerial positions in general. In seven out of the 23 Caribbean countries, the chairperson of the tourism board is a woman.


11 Mar, 2011

Egyptian Tourism Minister Blasts Ex-Regime’s “Cronies”, Liberalisation Policies

ITB BERLIN: Egyptian Tourism Minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour has blasted the “extreme” economic liberalisation and privatisation policies of the ousted Hosni Mubarak government, saying they had failed to address the country’s glaring rich-poor income gap.


10 Mar, 2011

Arabs Hit Back, Urge Europeans To Avoid Stereotypes & Clichés

ITB BERLIN — Arab and Muslim speakers have called on Europeans to try and better understand what is going on in the Middle East, to take a more positive, long-term attitude about the prospects of change and to steer clear of stereotypes and clichés.


9 Mar, 2011

Europe Sets Base for Calculating Aviation Emission Caps

BRUSSELS, March 7, 2011 — The European Commission today decided on the historical data for emission of greenhouse gases by the aviation sector which will be used as a base figure on which to calculate the number of emission allowances to be available to airlines from 2012. The move will impact all airlines flying to, […]


8 Mar, 2011

100th Int’l Women’s Day: Special Report

This dispatch commemorates the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. It celebrates the significant role women have played in the development of the global travel & tourism industry. Marked for the first time in four European countries in 1911, the day has become a critical rallying point to build support for women’s rights and participation […]


6 Mar, 2011

When Obama told Jewish Leaders to do some “Soul-Searching” about Middle East Peace

Originally Published:  6 March 2011 When the leader of the world’s most powerful country tells American Jewish leaders to get Israel to do some soul-searching about the future of peace in the Middle East, as President Barack Obama did last week, this columnist stands both victorious and vindicated. In a meeting that was widely reported […]


4 Mar, 2011

ITB 2011 Curtain-Raiser 2: The Global Geopolitical Revolution

The second of a two-part report on the two technological and geopolitical revolutions set to dominate the agenda at the ITB Berlin between March 9-13. This part focusses on the geopolitical revolution.


2 Mar, 2011

ITB 2011 Curtain-Raiser 1: The Technological Revolution

The 45th ITB Berlin due to open in the German capital on March 9 will be dominated by two ongoing revolutions: The technological revolution which is transforming the way the industry does business; and The global geopolitical revolution which will see the emergence of a new world order.