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16 Mar, 2011

Useful Industry Data from ITB Berlin — Downloadable FREE!

ITB BERLIN — The ITB Berlin (held March 9-13, 2011)  was full of  valuable industry data available free of charge. To save readers time, effort and money, Executive Editor Imtiaz Muqbil has compiled some of the key reports, research and presentations from its various sources into one comprehensive package. Thanks goes to the ITB Berlin and all the sources of information for sharing the data free of charge with the industry, especially the ITB Convention which was made entirely free this year. Note: Some of the presentations at the ITB Convention are in German only.

UNWTO World Tourism Barometer

Preliminary World Tourism Performance Statistics

In 2010, world tourism recovered more strongly than expected from the shock it suffered in 2008 and 2009 due to the global financial crisis and economic recession. The vast majority of destinations worldwide reported positive and often double-digit increases, sufficient to offset recent losses or bring them close to this target. While all regions posted positive growth in arrivals, emerging economies were unarguably the drivers of this growth. The multi-speed recovery – slower in most advanced economies, much faster in most emerging and newly industrialized markets – is a reflection of the broader global economic situation, which is set to dominate trends in 2011 and the foreseeable future.

IPK INTERNATIONAL, International Tourism Consulting Group

Global Travel Trends 2010/11

International tourism recovered strongly in 2010 from the global financial and economic crisis as consumer demand for leisure travel improved. The worldwide number of outbound trips rose 7% last year to 711 million after a 4% drop in 2009, according to preliminary results from IPK International’s World Travel Monitor presented at the ITB Berlin Future Day on March 9, 2011. This is a new all-time high record in terms of trips. The number of overnight stays went up by 5% to 5.7 billion. This was an improvement after a sharp drop in 2009 but the total remained below the 2008 level. Similarly, international travel spending increased 7% to €781 billion last year, which was a good recovery from 2009 but the spending figure remained below the all-time high recorded in 2008.

The 41st Reiseanalyse RA 2011

The tourism sector has left the economic crisis behind. This can be seen in an increase of holiday trip expenditure, a slightly longer holiday trip duration and a significant increase of short holiday trips in 2010. The development of the economic situation is considered even more positive and travel intentions for 2011 are already as concrete as they have been in years.


Trends and Innovations in Marketing Communication and Advertising

Dr. Ingo Markgraf, Head of Marketing, Rewe Touristik GmbH

Communication and advertising options for tourism businesses are becoming more diverse and more polished. Due to impressive successes in other industries, innovative neuromarketing approaches are now being applied in the tourism industry as well. Internet and mobile technologies allow for real-time and location-based targeting. Communications agencies, scientists and advertisers discuss the most important trends, analyze best practice cases and make suggestions for optimizing communication strategies.

Demographic and Social Change

Christian Böllhoff, CEO, Prognos AG

The aging population in developed countries has a massive impact on the economy and consumption patterns. What will tourism businesses have to adapt to?

Five Minutes of Fame

CEOs from travel-related start-up companies make their case

Jason Houle, Vice President, Travel Solutions, Lixto Inc.

Aaron M. Gowell, Founder & CEO, SilverRail Technologies

Greg Marsh, Co-Founder & CEO, onefinestay

Michel Cassius, CEO, GEKKO.com

Getting Personal: Claiming Back Control Over Air Distribution

Airlines want to gain control over distribution of their air content, and there are a number of technology developments that make that both possible and cost-effective. The relationship between airlines, OTAs and metasearch sites does not have to be one of opposition, but rather one of partnership and cooperation. Assen Vassilev, co-founder of travel technology company EVERBREAD, talks about how new technology can enable personalization and support different channel strategies and business relationships between airlines and their distributors.

Assen Vassilev, Co-Founder & Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Everbread Ltd.

Social, Local, Mobile: The Traveler Perspective

Carroll Rheem, Director, Research, PhoCusWright Inc.

Throughout Europe, cultural differences impact travel decision-making. Social, mobile and local media are changing the way consumers interact with travel brands all over the world, but the pace of change varies by market. Know each market’s unique characteristics to prioritize offerings. Get the hard facts from PhoCusWright research surveys about how travelers in the U.K., Germany and France adopt travel technology.

Tour Operator Roundtable: The Effect of CSR Systems on the Company

Prof. Dr. Hansruedi Müller, Director, Research Institute for Leisure and Tourism (FIF), University of Berne

Tour operators pursue more proactive CSR strategies. The implementation of CSR systems is a complicated process, but is it worth the effort? What effects are evident in the areas of profitability, customer acquisition & retention and staff management? What political and financial framework is required for CSR compliant tour operator strategies?

Best Demonstrated Practice: The Brazilian Safe Adventure Program

Mario Moysés, President, Brazilian Tourism Board

Adventure tourism is a growth market, which has special requirements for tourism businesses and organizations in the areas of security and environmental sustainability. The Brazilian Safe Adventure Program has been established successfully across the country. How exactly does this program work and how has this impressive success been achieved? What is the economic success of the program today?

Latin America Forum: Everything on One Card: Is Latin America’s Brand and Destination Strategy the Way to Go?

Frank Grafenstein, Managing Director, Grafenstein Freizeit- und Tourismuswerbung GmbH

Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, La Paz and Lake Titicaca. With these attractions the tourist image of Peru and Bolivia either stands or falls. Are some destinations in Latin America too dependent in on their product and marketing strategy of major highlights like these attractions? If a natural disaster makes a particular attraction inaccessible, will the tourism industry in that country then break down completely and drive the tourists away? How fast can the magic formula “away from the highlights and towards a diversification in marketing” change travelers’ image of a destination? Tourism experts from the two Andean countries, the ARGE Latin America Consortium and brand strategists discuss this issue which is critical to the future of many tourist destinations.

Africa Forum: The Importance of Education for the Development of Tourism in Africa

Theresa Sowry, CEO, Southern African Wildlife College

The economic and social development depends on the education of the population. For the tourism industry welleducated professionals and managers are of central importance as well. The Africa Forum will discuss the importance of education for the competitiveness of African tourism destinations, highlight successful examples of a high-quality tourism education and point out educational policies of African countries.

Dr. Xavier Font, Co-Director International Centre for Responsible Tourism, Leeds Metropolitan University

Environment & CSR – Concepts & Assessments

Jérôme Destors, Director Hotel IT, Amadeus and Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future Research

Michael Altewischer, Managing Director, Wellness Hotels & Spa Resorts (W-H-I.eu)

The spa and wellness culture as it exists today has many and different roots. They stretch from the ancient spa and bath traditions of Germany and Central Europe, to the cleansing rituals of the Near East, far into the Asian and Pacific area and beyond. This seemingly inexhaustible source of offers and treatments gives rise to one of the most exciting and innovative global tourism markets. How will this industry develop further? We will try to find answers to this question together with you and our presenters.

Sustainability in Hotel & Spa – a Holistic Way – Mandarin Oriental Group

Andrew Gibson, Group Director of Spa, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Holding a degree in Environmental Conservation from the 1980’s, Andrew Gibson has been an advocate of sustainability. How does a luxury spa operator deliver the quality expectations of a five star guest with a sustainable hotel and spa? Ideas and programmes that can be put into action will be shown in this speech.

Sustainability in a Privately-run Hotel

Stephan Gander, Head of Communication, Lefay Resort & Spa

Lefay Resort & Spa – Gargano – Lago di Garda – Italy

Enjoy a Better, Healthier Lifestyle!

Dr. Fedon Lindberg, Dr. Lindberg’s Clinic

Extensive international research shows that a wellbalanced diet can greatly improve health, well-being and performance. Dr. Lindberg will present his New Mediterranean Diet approach, featuring a balanced variety of slow carbs and healthy fats. He will exemplify possible ways and proposals of implementing such a balanced diet in restaurants and hotels.

Medical Spa & Healing Diet – A View on the Asian Market

Michael Loh, CEO , AGELESS Inc., Founder & Editorial Director, SpaAsia

The Asian spa-market is regarded as one of the fastest growing markets by world-wide comparison. Medical-Spas are intensifying their presence, health is multifariously supported and aided. How will Medical Spas gain influence in future and what significance will balanced diet have in hotels & Spa resorts?

Round Table: Future Spa – What Influence will Sustainability and Diet Have on the Spa Industry?

Dagmar Rizzato, General Manager, Rizzato Spa Consulting

Aspects of sustainability at the spa, regarding operations, staff, work flow as well as economics Guidelenes for future development of sustainability.

Guest Satisfaction – Great Potential for Corporate Governance

Thomas Zimmermann, Manager/Manager of Golf & Spa, Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe

Sustainability in guest relation, economical way and quality management – done in a consistent manner. Thomas Zimmermann will give us benchmark and practical ways for hotel & spa.

European City Destinations: Facts and Figures – Highlights from GfK’s Mobility Monitor

GfK Study: Customer Needs and Attitudes Regarding Electric Vehicles

Roland Gaßner, Marketing Manager, GfK

GfK conducts empirical studies on German travel behavior on a regular basis. Why do Germans go on a city break, how do German cities compare to other European city destinations and how is travel behavior of the city travelers changing? Particular attention is paid to the importance of sustainability and corporate social responsibility for leisure travelers.

Herbert Lechner, Division Manager, GfK Mobility

GfK investigated mobility needs, purchase intentions, usage requirements, etc. for ITB Berlin by conducting a comprehensive survey of car users in Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands. Are electric vehicles a suitable means of transportation for taking vacations?

Keynote: What Will the Future Bring in 2050 – Implications for Marketing and Distribution

Dr. Ian Yeoman, Visiting Professor, European Tourism Futures Institute, Victoria University of Wellington

The world is changing rapidly. What are the implications for marketing and distribution strategies of tourism companies, for destinations and brands? Many of the trends are already occurring and causing significant changes in how we engage with tourists. Dr. Ian Yeoman of Stenden University´s European Tourism Futures Institute and Victoria University of Wellington provides foresight of what is coming next and insight of early adopters behaviour. Several best practice examples illustrate the fundamental changes to come.

Holiday Hotels and Online Booking Behavior: News from the GfK Research Panels

Alexandra Weigand, Travel insights, GfK Retail and Technology GmbH

GfK presents the highlights of the advance bookings for the summer months tracked by their International Tourism Panel. In addition, for the first time there is representative panel data on holiday hotels and online booking behavior. Which hotels are booked with tour packages? Particularly interesting is the data from the new online distribution panel: Which trips sell better online and which sell better offline?

Social Media and Mobile Devices: A Closer Look at the Types of Users

David Perroud, Partner & CEO, M1nd-Set

Tourism companies have already established a presence on social media platforms and in mobile devices. So far, however, we have lacked data indicating which specific travelers use social media and mobile devices. For the first time there is now up-to-date, comprehensive data available showing the users’ source markets, wage structures, travel patterns, travel destinations, etc.. This information is of tremendous importance for marketing decision makers.

Young Travel – the Future of Tourism

Axel Dammler, Managing Director, iconkids & youth

Dirk Föste, Member of the Board, RUF Jugendreisen

What are young travelers’ motives and expectations? By what content, travel format and desires are they driven? How do they obtain information, what convinces them, where do they book? What characterizes the “young taveler” and what influence does this have on the future of tourism? The “juvenile” consumer and media behavior is also expanding rapidly in older populations. An exclusive study for the ITB provides valuable insights into an undervalued, pioneering market segment.

Strategies for Developing Niche Markets in Tourism: Best Demonstrated Practice Gay & Lesbian Tourism

John Tanzella, CEO, IGLTA

Norbert Kettner, CEO, Vienna Tourist Board

Tanya Churchmuch, CEO girlports.com, Gay&Lesbian Market Director forTourisme Montréal, Board Chair IGLTA

Thomas Bömkes, Founder & Senior Consultant , TomOnTour.com

Tom Roth, CEO, Community Marketing

The mass tourist market is only growing below average in major markets, dynamic growth can be found in niche markets – the so-called “Long Tail”. Using the example of the market segment Gay & Lesbian Tourism it will be shown how niche markets can be developed successfully. Recent studies on the G&L market provide decision support. Destination managers and tour operators obtain suggestions for the development of attractive growth markets.


Kuoni’s first Global Holiday Report

French holidaymakers seek budget food, Italians have the most sex with strangers, the Spanish splash their cash, Indian women eat fast food, the Swiss loathe topless sunbathing and sustainability and eco-tourism are most important to Swedes. These are just some of the stark cross-cultural behavioural differences highlighted between 12 disparate markets when on holiday. They are explored in leading tour operator Kuoni’s Global Holiday Report on behaviour before, during and after a trip. Twelve markets, 21 questions, hundreds of answers from over 12 000 people have filled the company’s first ever Global Holiday Report.

European Commission informs passengers of their rights during its first appearance at the ITB

Over the last thirty years, there has been a boom in mobility in Europe. Millions of citizens now take travelling for granted and even see it as a right. Passengers need a common set of principles, so that they can be more easily aware of their rights and know how to exercise them while travelling within the EU, if, for example, their flight is delayed or cancelled, or if their luggage is damaged or lost. The European Commission has taken up this task, which is why it launched an EU-wide information campaign in June last year which will continue until the end of the year. The commission is using its exhibition stand for the first time to inform travellers during its time at the ITB.


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