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Archive for April, 2023

26 Apr, 2023

As wars rage, tourism suffers, the arms bazaar prospers

Bangkok — On 24 April, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) released its annual report on global military expenditure. It makes shocking reading. Even as the world grapples with poverty, climate change, health pandemics, natural disasters and struggles to revive jobs and economic growth, total global military expenditure increased by 3.7% in real terms […]


21 Apr, 2023

Unipolar or Multipolar World: Russia to hold U.N. debate on ways to dethrone U.S.

United Nations — On 24 April 2023, a landmark debate is to be held at the UN HQ in New York on ways to dethrone the United States and its allies as the global unipolar power and replace it with a multipolar, “equitable and democratic international order.” The debate, called by the Russian Federation in […]


9 Apr, 2023

Legalisation of Thai sex work: 15 questions for Travel & Tourism to consider NOW!!

Bangkok – Thailand is heading towards legalising sex work. Making the sale of sex similar to that of selling any service, it is hoped, will end the currently widespread harmful side-effects: corruption, human trafficking, human rights violations, and more. It will also allow sex workers to become mainstream members of the workforce, with rights for […]