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Archive for June, 2020

24 Jun, 2020

REality Check: FCCT event will help Thai tourism prepare for the next potential crisis

Bangkok – The Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand will organise a livestream panel discussion on “Thai History and Nationhood since 1932”. It will be broadcast via the FCCT’s Facebook page with English translation at 7 pm tonight. A line-up of eminent scholars, social activists and political scientists will discuss the upheavals and turbulence that have […]


23 Jun, 2020

Dump bloggers and influencers, cut military budgets to help global Travel & Tourism “Build Back Better”

Bangkok – The Travel & Tourism industry should dump bloggers and influencers and redirect its marketing budgets into quality journalism and communications platforms if it wants to attract “quality tourists.” As a self-proclaimed “industry of peace,” it should also start paying more serious attention to the trillions of dollars wasted on global wars and conflict […]


18 Jun, 2020

Unity, Accountability, Transparency, Efficiency: Thai PM launches post-Covid nation rebuilding agenda

Bangkok — Thai Prime Minister Gen (retd) Prayuth Chan-o-cha has launched a new nation-rebuilding programme for the post-Covid era, one that will “lay down the fundamentals for sustainable prosperity, and open the way for Thais to rediscover who and what they really are and all that they are truly capable of achieving.” In a nationwide […]


11 Jun, 2020

As Thailand eyes victory over the virus, a return to the “Old Normal” seems certain

Bangkok – Thailand is within sight of declaring victory over the dreaded Covid-19 virus. As it is has done through many previous crises over the past 40 years, Thailand overcame what the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT) called its “celebrated ‘mai pen rai’ culture” to discipline itself and absorb serious short-term pain in order […]


8 Jun, 2020

How Thailand Contained Covid-19: Why a Public Health System with Popular Support Matters

Bangkok – One of ASEAN’s preeminent political scientists has heaped praise on the Thai healthcare system for the clean-up campaign that averted a potential Covid-19 disaster, but also obliquely hinted whether the kingdom can also clean up its fractious and divided political system, too. In an analysis published on June 7, Prof Walden Bello, Co-chair […]


8 Jun, 2020

FCCT June 9 Live Webcast: Why has Thailand done so well combating Covid-19?

Announcement by the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand. As of June 2, Thailand had officially confirmed 3,085 cases of Covid-19 and suffered 58 deaths; only 59 infected people were still hospitalized. The pandemic is far from over, and has completely changed the way people live. It has also wrought economic mayhem that has yet to […]


3 Jun, 2020

UN Human Rights chief alarmed by Asia-wide clampdown on freedom of expression during COVID-19

GENEVA (3 June 2020) – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet expressed alarm at the clampdown on freedom of expression in parts of the Asia-Pacific during the COVID-19 crisis, saying any actions taken to stop the spread of false information must be proportionate. Many countries in the region already have laws governing alleged […]