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24 Nov, 2019

FlexJobs Identifies 21 Higher-Paying Flexible Side Jobs to Consider this Holiday Season

BOULDER, COLO. (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 22, 2019 – According to a recent study, temporary employment, sometimes referred to as side jobs or side hustles, will grow to more than 3.2 million jobs by 2025—an increase of 8.5 percent from 2019. To highlight the variety of these types of jobs available to professionals, FlexJobs has compiled a list of 21 flexible high-paying, flexible side jobs that can be done in addition to one’s full-time job.

“Paying down debt, covering bills, saving for a vacation, paying for student loans, exploring a new career, adding to retirement accounts, wanting new experiences—there are many reasons that people seek outside gigs. But one common denominator among them is that they want to make the side gig worth their time,” said Sara Sutton, CEO of FlexJobs. “A flexible, higher-paying side job can make a financial impact, which is especially appealing to help alleviate the pressure many of us feel during the cash-strapped holiday season,” Sutton concluded.

A side gig or side hustle—once known as moonlighting—typically refers to a job that can be done while also working a full-time job or meeting other primary daily responsibilities. This list of 21 higher-paying side jobs are excellent options for earning supplemental income and offer work flexibility like the option to work remotely, freelance, part-time, and on an alternative schedule. The hourly pay rates listed below are based on real salaries from jobs posted on FlexJobs.

1. Bookkeeper
Pay: $30/hour
Bookkeepers typically perform bank reconciliations, year-end closing duties, payroll, financial reports, and more. Knowledge of QuickBooks is required by many employers.

2. Career Coach
Pay: $20/hour
Working with clients over the phone or online, career coaches help clients write resumes, prepare for interviews, and determine their skills. The ability to understand many industries and provide constructive feedback is necessary.

3. Consultant
Pay: $100/hour
With an expertise in a particular area, consultants typically work with an organization to provide guidance, review processes, and improve performance. Of high-paying side jobs in the consulting field, IT often offers the most pay.

4. Copy Editor
Pay: $25/hour
If you have a strong eye for detail and grammar mistakes, a copy editor position could be an ideal way to make money in your free time. Editors typically review others’ work to ensure it is error-free. These side jobs are commonly remote.

5. Curriculum Writer
Pay: $50/hour
Curriculum writers are needed to develop curriculum and teaching guides that are used within a classroom. These remote side jobs sometimes require previous teaching experience.

6. Education Training Specialist
Pay: $34/hour
This type of position is responsible for conducting and/or teaching workshops, seminars and/or courses, evaluating participants, and developing and implementing curricula.

7. Executive Assistant
Pay: $38/hour
Executive assistants with years of experience can find high-paying side jobs that are remote and part-time. Duties include coordinating meetings, editing and updating documents, writing email responses, and tracking appointments.

8. Graphic Designer
Pay: $25/hour
Graphic designers create visual concepts for a variety of mediums: websites, print materials, social media, ads, logos, and more. This common high-paying side job requires experience with design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

9 Lead Generation Specialist
Pay: $30/hour
Lead generation specialists typically prospect, qualify, and generate appointments and leads for a variety of companies and business-development teams.

10. NetSuite Administrator
Pay: $70/hour
Creating safe searches, custom fields, and customer reports; developing workflows; creating and customizing KPIs; and designing and implementing NetSuite solutions are some common duties of this high-paying flexible job.

11. Online Instructor
Pay: $30/hour
Online instructors, particularly those with computer or IT knowledge, can earn up to $30/hour by using online platforms to teach students, grade work, and monitor student progress. This high-paying flexible side job is also great for those who want to make their own schedule.

12. Photographer
Pay: $25/hour
Photographers can find great side jobs where they will use their photography skills to take photos, which may include product photos, real estate photos, catalog photos, and more.

13. Project Manager
Pay: $65/hour
Project managers can find part-time or freelance jobs where their skills are used to oversee timelines, track budgets, coordinate team members, and more.

14. Quantitative Market Researcher
Pay: $25/hour
Market researchers will use their smartphone or tablet to gather information from the field on inventory, pricing, promotions, and/or traffic. Some on-site work is needed, with the rest of the job being performed remotely.

15. Recruiter
Pay: $25/hour
Recruiters typically screen and source candidates, perform interviews, conduct background checks, and relay benefits information. These high-paying side jobs can sometimes be fully remote.

16. Senior Accountant
Pay: $45/hour
Senior accountants often need over five years of experience. Common duties include preparing statements, documenting transactions, performing end-of-month tasks, and preparing audits.

17. Sign Language Interpreter
Pay: $30/hour
Sign language interpreters with a proper license can find part-time jobs where they assist those with hearing impairments facilitate communication through use of sign language.

18. Social Media Marketing Specialist
Pay: $30/hour
Social media marketing specialists may create marketing campaigns, develop social media strategies, and write marketing and social media content.

19. Software Developer
Pay: $55/hour
Software developers can find jobs related to maintaining and updating applications, testing automation design, troubleshooting issues, updating documentation, and more.

20. Web Designer
Pay: $32/hour
Web designers are needed to help with the design end of websites. Jobs will require various program knowledge, such as CSS, WordPress, and jQuery.

21. WordPress Developer
Pay: $45/hour
This common high-paying side job requires strong experience with the WordPress content management system in order to create and edit themes, set up and utilize plugins, and write code.

For working parents who have added a side job to their daily responsibilities this holiday season, FlexJobs recommends implementing a few key strategies to help accommodate new demands on their time while still meeting their family’s needs.

For more information: FlexJobs