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16 Sep, 2019

Have Your Say: The Rise and Fall of PATA

Bangkok – In 1994, exactly 25 years ago, this was the full membership list of PATA, excluding the chapter members.

In 1999, exactly 20 years ago, PATA relocated its HQ from San Francisco to Bangkok to take advantage of the opportunities of a Rising Asia.

Instead of rising to new heights, an organisation that had thousands of mainstream and chapter members worldwide shrivelled and shrank to less than 1,000.

Why do you think this happened?

As PATA prepares for another round of all-too-familiar restructuring, I am posing this critical question to its current and former members as well as my readers.

Would you like to share your thoughts? Please email me: imtiaz@travel-impact-newswire.com

All comments will be printed in an upcoming edition of Travel Impact Newswire.

Requests for anonymity will be respected.

Either way, please do respond by the evening of Wednesday, 18 Sept, Bangkok time.

Thank you and best regards

Imtiaz Muqbil, Executive Editor, Travel Impact Newswire