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1 Dec, 2016

Chinese report: How big data reveals your behavior

Bejing, (chinadaily.com.cn) 2016-11-29 – Thirty-five billion words are exchanged by more than 700 million internet users in China each day, according to a new report examining the behaviour of Chinese netizens.

The report by Sogou Input and Renmin University of China calculated that more than 12 trillion words were typed by Chinese internet users each year, on average, between 2006 and 2016.

More than 90 percent of the most commonly used sites and apps were related to social networking, according to the report, while the time when people were most active on electronic devices was about 10 pm before going to sleep.

The report also compared internet usage among different age groups.

When surfing the internet, people born after the year 2000 are focused on leisure, entertainment and social networking, while people born in the 1980s mainly search for information and read the news, and people born in the 1970s mostly scan the news and contact others.

“The report lets us see the fast development of internet culture in China by recording netizens’ information production capabilities and social discourses,” Sogou chief technology officer Yang Hongtao said.

The online behavior mentioned most in people’s online messages were live streaming, handing out red envelopes, and keeping up with a flood of images and texts, with ‘dear’ the most commonly used term to address both friends and strangers.

It’s worth noting that work gives way to love when it comes to the most talked about topics.

Shopping was the second most important activity for Chinese netizens.

Input software Sogou Input has been embraced by internet users in China, ranking first in terms of PC users.

It boasts more than 250 million mobile users, with only instant messaging tools WeChat and QQ more popular.

How big data reveal your behavior