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20 Jul, 2016

Futurist professor flags dangers of Project for the New American Century

Professor Emeritus Jim Dator of the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa, has joined me in flagging the global dangers posed by the Project for The New American Century.

Last week, Prof Dator sent me the draft of a speech entitled “Mortgage Banking for the New American Empire, and other futures” that he had delivered to the Mortgage Bankers Association of Hawaii at their Annual Conference way back on October 3, 2003. His prescient speech is excerpted below and can be read in full by clicking here.

Professor Emeritus Jim Dator

Prof Dator’s response is a positive consequences of my most recent dispatch on the Chilcot Report, the British government’s investigation into the decision-making that led to the 2003 attack on Iraq. The report clearly identifies the prominent role played by the masterminds of the Project for The New American Century in the attack.

Prof Dator and I have been in touch since meeting at the ASEAN Tourism Conference in Singapore, January, 2007, where he delivered a talk on “Alternative futures for youth tourism in Southeast Asia”. We are both shared-values observers of international geopolitics.

His response is a strong indicator that alternative perspectives are now “coming out”. By entering the mainstream, they will set the stage for accountability to become a two-way street, and facilitate a comprehensive debate about global trends and a more introspective look at the root causes of violence.

If the fundamental premise of the rule of law is that no-one is above the law, that law should apply first to the unelected global “leader”, the United States.

I call on other professors and academics who share our alternative perspectives to join the bandwagon and begun challenging the unelected and unaccountable American empire.

Excerpt from Prof Dator’s speech:

The New American Global Empire presents the US and the world with an entirely new and largely unanticipated future–a major challenge for you and all members of the larger economic community–since on the one hand the Neocons wish to project complete and unilateral military control of the world according to certain narrowly-defined American interest on the one hand, and yet at the same time cut taxes, raise public debt, and thus pare down all governments–federal, state, and local–to, well, to absolutely nothing–not even defense or justice, both of which (like all government functions) can and should be done on the cheapest, private, contractual basis, perhaps overseas in India where wages are low, skills are high, and loyalty to the American Empire assured, according to the Neocon ideology.

Since our entire global economy floats on a vast and rising flood of debt, private as well as corporate and public, it is not clear to me how the New American Empire will function in the absence of any responsible public sector at all, which is what the Neocons desire.

Thus, the time may be ripe for a major restructuring of the American political party system.