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9 Jun, 2016

Hindutva terror is as grave a threat to the Indian people as Islamist terror — Harsh Mander, The Indian Express

Apologists suggest that Hindutva terror is only a recent development; a retaliation to Islamist terror. This obscures the fact that it was Hindutva terror and violence that took Mahatma Gandhi’s life, demolished the Babri Masjid leading to the bloodiest communal clashes in post-Independent India, and organised many communal massacres of minorities.

Hindutva terror banks on majoritarian prejudice in the criminal justice system as much as the larger public opinion, which assumes that Muslims are guilty even of terror attacks that clearly target their own community. Institutional biases result in attempts to protect, rather than act fairly against, the Hindutva organisations even when all evidence points to their culpability. Islamist terror is indeed a grave threat to the Indian people. But so is Hindutva terror and communal pogroms. Both must entail impartial investigation and fair trials.

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