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30 May, 2016

Upgraded marketing, training facilities offered to Thai restaurants

Bangkok, 27 May 2016 (PR Department) – The Ministry of Commerce is starting to push for the promotion of the Thai restaurant business as a rising star in the country’s service industry.

Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn said that the policy to promote the restaurant business would generate more income for the country. It focuses on upgrading restaurant management practices to international standards.

In response to this policy, the Department of Business Development had been instructed to give a major boost to this business. It has cooperated with the Food Franchise Institute in arranging a 36-hour intensive training program to provide Thai restaurant business operators with knowledge on management, modern marketing, technology, innovation, human resource management, and financial and accounting management.

The program is intended to increase the potential of the Thai restaurant business and develop it to higher standards, so that it will become more competitive domestically and internationally. Thai restaurant operators have also been urged to adopt online business in order to add value to their business and widen their marketing channels. At the same time, it has been suggested that they encourage consumers to be interested in Thai food.

The Ministry of Commerce is also launching the campaign “Happy Restaurant” to persuade Thai restaurant operators to join the Ministry in developing the potential of Thai restaurants and upgrading their management to international standards. The campaign will also encourage more consumers to opt for Thai dishes.

Thai cuisine is world-renowned for its favor, nutrition, and refined presentation. It is nutritious and promotes health because of the use of fresh ingredients, including vegetables, herbs, and spices. Since many people are interested in health food, Thai cuisine is likely to continue to receive great attention.

The Ministry of Public Health has also been promoting food safety by developing model provinces for food safety across the country. This project aims to ensure that hygiene is maintained at all stages – from food preparation to serving the food to customers.

In implementing the food safety policy, Thailand places an emphasis on hygienic and sanitary conditions throughout the food chain under the “From Farm to Table” concept. The food chain involves all steps, ranging from production to transportation, processing, and distribution to consumers.

There are currently more than 15,000 Thai restaurants worldwide. Out of this number, 1,300 have been awarded the “Thai Select” logo, which assures consumers of an authentic Thai dining experience.