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11 May, 2016

N. Ram, Publisher of The Hindu Group of Publications on Investigative Journalism – The Hindu

Worldwide, journalism and the news industry are struggling, in this digital age, to reassert their relevance and value under profoundly changed and changing circumstances. In response to the challenge, a strong view is forming within the profession that one way to ensure that the activities that constitute journalism will continue to matter is to hone, strengthen, and develop its professional capabilities to perform certain core tasks.

In his important book, Out of Print: Newspapers, Journalism and the Business of News in the Digital Age (2013), George Brock, a veteran journalist who is currently Professor of Journalism at City University London, identifies verification, sense making, bearing witness, and investigation as “the irreducible core of what can be distinguished as journalism and… the basis of the trust on which it relies.” He predicts that these four core tasks will be “the foundation on which journalism in the 21st century is going to be rebuilt.”

Over the past half-century, there has been an ebb and flow of investigative journalism across the world, including of course India. Related to this, but separate from it, there has been an ebb and flow of public engagement with the results of investigative journalism, in response to larger events, trends, and issues in politics, economy, culture, society, and international relations.

But what is investigative journalism?

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