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20 Feb, 2016

Full text of Jawaharlal Nehru University student leader’s speech which India considers “sedition” – Hindustan Times

“Few media works were saying that JNU runs on the money from our taxes and subsidies and this is right! It is absolutely right that JNU runs from taxes and subsidies but we want to put up a question- what is a university for? A university is for the critical analysis of the society’s consensus. If any university fails in doing this then the country won’t be formed, nobody would be a part of this country. This country won’t be formed if we do not involve the culture, constitution and rights of the people. We are standing with the country, standing with the dream of what Babasaheb and Bhagat Singh had written. I want to tell all the Sanghi’s that it’s a shame on their government and it’s a challenge for the Central government that whatever has happened in Rohit’s case it will never happen in JNU. We will stand for freedom of expression. Leave Pakistan and Bangladesh, we say that we will unite the poor all over the world. We have identified the people who are against humanity. We want to expose the face of racism, the face of subjectivity, the nexus of casteism and capitalism. We want to prove what real democracy is, what real freedom is and how everybody’s freedom should be in the country. This freedom will come from Parliament, the constitution, the democracy and this is why I request all of you my friends, keeping the differences in mind our freedom of expression, our constitution, for our country’s unity we will be together.

Source: Is this anti-India? Read full text of JNU leader Kanhaiya’s speech | india | Hindustan Times