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19 Feb, 2016

An Open Letter To Fellow Indian Citizens – By Rutuja Deshmukh Wakankar, Countercurrents.org

15 February, 2016

Dear Fellow Citizens, Today I write to all of you and especially the Indian upper and middle class (emphasize mine), as one amongst you. We are at the brink of destruction; by we I mean us as a nation. I fully understand the implication of my statement, which is very serious in nature. But I am afraid we have reached here with solely our indignant efforts and misinformed perseverance. In the recent times we have made ourselves prey of mindless propaganda, development agendas without really understand the meaning of truly developed state and hyper-nationalism. Of all these, Nationalism has been aggravating us almost in an un-natural manner; or rather the anti-national. The definition of the anti-national is something we are defining and tightening with every passing day! To an extent that we are just not ready to hear any argument, counter argument or discord against the perpetuated right-wing ideology in recent years.

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