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31 Jan, 2016

Davos is the problem, not the solution — RT Op-Edge

For the majority of people of the planet, but not for the super, super rich, things have gone backwards since the first Davos meeting was held. That’s no coincidence as Davos – for all the ’progressive’ waffle about ‘stakeholder theory’ and the ’global public interest’ – is all about maintaining an elite-friendly, neoliberal economic order which has caused so much economic, social, cultural and environmental damage.

Holding court at Davos this year, as in other years, was the octogenarian hedge fund billionaire George Soros, the 16th richest man in the world according to Forbes, with a net worth of $24.5bn. Soros usually bashes Russia at Davos, and this year was no exception.

He accused Vladimir Putin of making the refugee crisis worse by bombing Syria, saying that the Russian President wanted the EU to “collapse”. Never mind the funding and arming of so-called ‘rebels’ in Syria by the West and its regional allies – let’s blame Putin!

The fact is that Russia’s intervention in Syria has blocked the regime-change plans of the Western elite, which is exactly why the likes of George Soros are so angry.

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