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13 Dec, 2015

Indonesia to host international conference on Jerusalem

Nusa Dua, Bali (ANTARA News) 12 December 2015 – Indonesia will host a two-day international conference on Jerusalem held by the United Nation Committee on Palestine (CEIRPP) to start on Monday in Jakarta.

The delegates will discuss the status of Jerusalem and cooperation to resolve the Palestinian conflicts, Multilateral Director General at the Foreign Ministry Hasan Kleib said here on Friday.Hasan said Jerusalem is a complicated, sensitive and difficult issue as it is recognized as a capital city by both Palestine and Israel.

It is also a holy city for both Islam, Christians and Jews, that it often triggers religious conflicts, he said.

“While awaiting decision on the status of Jerusalem, what we need to think over is how to live peacefully side by side between the followers of each faith,” Hasan.

The delegations from 25 member countries of CEIRPP and observers from 24 countries will also discuss illegal Jew settlements in Jerusalem that would change the demography and reduce the Palestinian territory.

Through the conference, called International Conference on the Question of Jerusalem , Indonesia wants to raise the Palestinian issue which has been out of the spotlight by other issues such as conflicts in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq and the ISIS threat.

Indonesia will also call on Palestine to continue seeking internal reconciliation.

Now Gaza and the West Bank have yet to reach reconciliation, which is needed to form an independent country, he said.

Foreign Minister Retno L.P. Marsudi said the conference shows the Indonesian strong commitment to continuing support for an independent Palestine.

Indonesia will seek talks with countries not yet recognizing independent Palestine and offer cooperation in the form of capacity building that Palestine could assume the position as fully independent country.