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10 Nov, 2015

Want to Understand Female Mood Swings? There Is An App For That

(PRWEB) October 23, 2015 — FDThinking.com has released Twenty8Watch app for iPhone® and Apple Watch®. This daring new app gives men a witty and insightful day-to-day guide to better respond to the mysterious moods of women’s monthly cycles. Through its sleek and a smart countdown, Twenty8Watch notifies the user of the best approach to the most fertile and challenging days ahead.

Twenty8Watch innovates the popular genre of period trackers and ovulation apps. It’s a countdown app with notes for each day of the cycle — giving advice, hope and insight into the, “She Wants Me,” or “She Wants to Hurt Me Badly,” days. Twenty8Watch is a relationship saver app that can be used with or without an Apple Watch.

Men love a challenge, but not when it comes to understanding women. Twenty8Watch uniquely features daily notes written by the male and female co-creators of Twenty8Watch. With a quick glance, the man can see if she will likely love or hurt him on a specific day of her cycle. Using the app can open channels of communication and meaningful interaction while building relationships, understanding and fun.

“Understanding hormonal wickedness is an art. Men can’t read women, not even on a good day,” said Johann Badenhorst co-creator of Twenty8Watch. “We are proud to design something we can use in everyday life and help other men who struggle daily in this department. It’s survival 101 and it’s called Twenty8Watch.”

Twenty8Watch Features

  • Countdown starts with a tap of a button on the first day of the monthly cycle. The iPhone app then syncs with the user’s Apple Watch.
  • The 28 day cycle is clearly marked in four different colors, each representing the main stages during the cycle.
  • A Pause button for both Ovulation and Period is included to accommodate women who follow a different cycle or fluctuations due to stress, travel or medical conditions. The app recalculates with a single tap on the Period or Ovulation buttons.
  • Daily notes give the user a world of knowledge about how she feels as her body changes, her state of mind and how best to handle her in each stage.
  • User has the option to have notifications sent to their device.

Better Than a Mood Ring

Twenty8Watch eliminates the guesswork from each day to help understand her state of mind. Blue and green days are usually happy, positive and a great time for romance and fun. Green means go — she should want you — so spoil your partner. She may be impatient when it’s pink, so proceed with caution. Red is obvious; give her some space or stay in the same room and suffer with her.

“We designed this app mostly for men because women intuitively know and feel their monthly changes. Women are pretty clear in what they want,” said co-founder of Twenty8Watch Tatjana Thomas. “Our app should help men understand the wild ride of hormonal changes and help them act accordingly, but communication with a partner is the most important part of any relationship. With knowledge and communication we can transform the handling of monthly highs and lows. Happy wife equals happy life; everybody gets lucky and lives happily ever after. If it fails on a given day, smile and wave. Maybe hide.”

For men, a watch has always been a status symbol. Twenty8Watch is an Apple Watch app that combines functionality with a sleek design and iconic practicality of Apple. The app helps the user be aware of key times in female’s monthly cycle, so he knows when to get close or stay away. Using technology to enhance relationships is a new way of life, enhancing social communication and learning skills, enticing users to form mindful, healthier habits, enhancing body, mind and soul.

Twenty8Watch is available for free download in the App Store®. Twenty8Watch is designed for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® and it syncs to a user’s Apple Watch®. The app was coded by Lemberg Solutions.

Learn more at www.FDThinking.com.