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31 Oct, 2015

New Research Reveals Top 10 Things That Make Women Feel Good

October 30, 2015 LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The average woman will spend up to £31,0001 in her lifetime to feel great, according to new research2.

But in the same study2, which was commissioned by Feel Good Contact Lenses (http://feelgoodcontacts.com/information/eye-care.aspx), results prove that it’s the smallest things that make the world of difference to a woman’s confidence and that cost almost next to nothing.A night in – or out – with friends tops the list with almost half of all women (45%) citing this as remedy to help them feel more self assured. This was closely followed by a hug from a loved one, which helps four in 10 of those polled to feel better almost instantly.

More than a third (37%) said restyling hair was an easy fix for low self assurance and one in five (20%) said a tan, be it real or fake, helps.

Small gestures like smiling – often as much up as five times a day – significantly helps 36% of women to feel better about themselves.

On the kindness towards strangers, 28% said that it guaranteed them feeling more assured, while receiving just one compliment a day, whether that is from a stranger or someone they might know, helps more than a fifth (22%) to feel confident all round.

Almost a quarter (23%) often feel uplifted having had some time alone and a further one in five (22%) said taking a trip down memory lane and thinking about good times in the past were also a guarantee.

A fresh manicure (15%), taking a bath (13%) or swapping glasses for contact lenses (11%) also make ladies feel more confident.

When it comes to the things that damage a woman’s confidence, the fear of meeting new people topped the list. The research also found 44% of women admit to having low self-esteem.

A further 39% have a fear of public speaking and 34% admitted being ‘too shy’.

Other confidence-shattering issues include a feeling of being unsuccessful (34%) and 23% went as far as to claim they worried they were ‘a push-over’ with more than one in 10 (15%) saying that wearing glasses was a confidence-related issue.

A spokeswoman for Feel Good Contact Lenses, said: “According the results of our survey, the secret to feeling confident isn’t a complicated or contrived, instead, it’s simple and easy to achieve.

“It seems that all it takes for women to feel better about themselves is something as effortless as a flashing smile or something as ordinary as spending time with friends.

“In times when we’re feeling low, we just need to remember that a simple change or action can go miles towards making us feel better about ourselves.”


1. A night with friends

2. A hug or cuddle from a loved one

3. Restyling hair

4. A tan

5. Smiling

6. Kindness of strangers

7. A compliment

8. Alone time

9. Reminiscing about the past

10. A manicure

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Notes to Editors

1 Workings

Life expectancy of average woman in the UK is 78 (A)

Youngest female in sample: is 18 years old (B)

Life expectancy (A) minus (–) 18 years the sample’s junior (B) = 60 years

Average amount women said they spent a week to help them feel more confident = £10 x 52 weeks in a year = £520 per annum

TOTAL SUM: £520 per annum x 60 years = £31,200: the average amount a woman will spend in their life time to help her to feel more self assured.

2 Research commissioned by Feel Good Lenses and conducted by 3Gem Research & Insights in July 2015. More than 1014 people aged 18+ were surveyed.

This information was brought to you by Cision http://news.cision.com