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26 Sep, 2015

Registrations open for Second ACTE-Lufthansa DCC Webinar on Oct 6

25 September — The second in a series of webinars hosted by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives and Lufthansa Group will convene on October 6, 2015, at 10:00am ET/ 4:00pm CET. Jens Bischof, Chief Commercial Officer of Lufthansa German Airlines will discuss the current state of the Distribution Cost Charge and its future moving forward — through questions submitted by registered participants. ACTE Executive Director Greeley Koch will alternately pose previously submitted questions and those generated by real-time chat.

“ACTE’s first webinar on this subject, held on August 21, 2015, drew more than 700 registrants from 48 countries, eliciting over 400 questions. We are anticipating a similar response to this event,” said Koch. “The August event covered the operational aspects of the DCC. This one will be open to a more philosophical discussion,” said Koch. “Participants may ask whatever they like.”  He added, “The future holds a number of realities that may change the way we have always done business. This webinar, and an Industry Issues session at the ACTE Global Conference in Paris on October 16, 2015, will bring these into the open.”

Registration for this event is open today at https://vts.inxpo.com/Launch/QReg.htm?ShowKey=27616. Registration is required to collect as many questions as possible to guarantee an effective webinar.

The webinar is free of charge to any member of ACTE, travel industry executive, or member of the press.  The time of this second DCC webinar has been adjusted so European ACTE members, and others, can join while still in their offices on October 6th. Like all ACTE webinars, the event may be viewed at any time after its initial presentation.

This webinar series represents ACTE’s commitment to industry-wide dialogue throughout major change. Greeley Koch personally conveyed ACTE members’ reaction to the distribution cost charge and provided those to Lufthansa’s senior management, at their Frankfurt headquarters on July 1, 2015. This webinar series grew out of that discussion. “Taking opposite sides of an issue rarely brings about the kind of resolution this industry needs,” said Koch. “ACTE is supporting a dialogue between buyers and a major supplier that could have significant ramifications for a global industry. For all the posturing that has gone on, this first version of DCC is a reality.”

The Association of Corporate Travel Executives is a non-profit education and research organization serving the global business travel industry in 51 countries. Since 1988, ACTE has provided unique programs for travel managers and innovative policies that improve conditions for business travelers, while substantially increasing corporate revenue. ACTE currently leads the business travel industry with 75 events worldwide, managed through offices in Asia, Australia, Canada, the U.S. and Europe, with representation in Latin America, South America, and Africa. No other travel trade association can make that claim.