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20 Sep, 2015

“Nasty breeze” of intolerance sweeping across India – Hindustan Times

There’s a nasty breeze blowing across the country these days. Wherever you look, exclusion is the mantra; intolerance is the watchword; and banning, bullying and browbeating, the operating principles.

One day it’s a minister quoted as saying that a former president was a good nationalist despite being a Muslim; on the other, there is an insistence on using one language at the exclusion of others; and then there are bans, bans and more bans. Hoodlums go around shooting rationalists, enforcing moral “discipline” and bending a cowering populace to their will.

Obnoxiousness in action is accompanied by blustery speech; and bravery comes from the brute force of numbers, illustrating painfully the fall of a people that used to idolise the sort of fearlessness embodied by Mahatma Gandhi.

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