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13 Aug, 2015

Israeli arms exports under scrutiny for ‘helping to fuel conflict in South Sudan’ – The Independent

For years there have been persistent reports of Israel selling arms to regimes with records of egregious human rights abuses without the issue being discussed or questioned at home. But that is changing. Eitay Mack, a young lawyer, is trying to break through the wall of secrecy around Israeli weapons exports and is pressing for an end to the arms and know-how transfers that are currently helping to fuel South Sudan’s civil war and other conflicts.

He claims Israel is “prolonging” the conflict in South Sudan which, according to estimates, has claimed tens of thousands of lives. Mr Mack believes his is a life-saving mission and he does it on a voluntary basis although it often takes up most of his time. “I want to do all I can to stop war crimes and crimes against humanity for the sake of the citizens in South Sudan,” he tells The Independent in his modest office in west Jerusalem, adorned with the iconic photo of a protester facing a column of tanks in Tiananmen Square. “I am a citizen of the world and I have global responsibility.”

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