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7 Jul, 2015

New Muslims describe their Ramadan experience | GulfNews.com

Dubai: For most Muslims, Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic Hijri calendar, is a time to practise self-discipline and spiritual reflection. Along with abstaining from food and drink from dusk to dawn for 30 consecutive days, Muslims should refrain from sinful behaviour and speech, and redirect their focus from life’s distractions to worship and prayer.

For new Muslims, the experience of fasting for a month is one that is both thought-provoking and peaceful. They consider Ramadan a spiritually learning experience and what they describe as “a test from God”. The image of families and friends, strangers and visitors gathering to share their iftar meals whether at home or at the mosque is one that many new Muslims find inspiring.

Gulf News talks to three Dubai residents who have embraced Islam about their memory of their first Ramadan and their journey of becoming a Muslim.

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