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7 Jul, 2015

“Islam” As A Conduit For Western Terrorism – Ghali Hassan, Countercurrents

by Ghali Hassan

In his recent address to a summit on “countering violent terrorism” in Washington, President Barack Obama repeatedly stressed the need to talk “squarely and honestly” about the “root causes” of terrorism. As a master of deceit, President Obama did his best to cover up the U.S. vicious role in global terrorism. In the Middle East, terrorism is a U.S. tool to justify U.S. imperialist war.

Obama’s big lie was when he told his audience: “The notion that the West is at war with Islam is an ugly lie”. His aim was to deflect attention away from Western government crimes against Muslims and to co-opt those people who buy into his rhetoric. The truth, of course, is that Muslims are not at war with the West. It is the West and Israel that are at war with the Islam and Muslims. Whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen or Palestine, Western-Zionist armies have killed millions of innocent Muslims and left their nations in ruin and mired in violence. If premeditated violent aggression and wanton destruction are not terrorism, what is it? Who is benefiting from terrorism?

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