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16 Mar, 2015

Today’s politicians don’t speak for the selfie-stick generation – Sydney Morning Herald

By Clara Williams Roldan

I am 23 years old. I have no experience in politics. And I am standing against the Premier, Mike Baird, as Greens’ candidate for Manly in this month’s NSW election.

Based on my age alone, you might immediately dismiss me as idealistic and naive. I am happy to say I am both. I believe these are qualities that can only contribute positively to our political culture.

Why? Because we are currently in a political stalemate. There have been two parties for too long, and the dialogue we witness at all levels is now so burdened by negativity that it is alienating ordinary voters and, from my own experience, a new generation of young leaders.

Politics is full of older men in suits grandstanding about their children and their grandchildren. But that’s me and my contemporaries they’re talking about, and it’s our future.

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