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21 Mar, 2015

Sad outcome of Israeli elections – Uri Avnery

So Netanyahu is back. That’s the sad outcome of the Israeli elections. Sad, but not the end of the world.

Some people say that the best course now is a so-called national unity government. Looks like a nice idea. Unity always sounds nice.

The advocates of this choice have one good argument: It’s the lesser evil. The only other possibility is an extreme right-wing-religious government, which will not only stop any step toward peace, but also expand settlements, enact more laws to choke democracy and impose reactionary religious laws.

It’s a good argument, but it has to be rejected outright. The unity government would be dominated by the Right. At best it would be a government of total immobility. It would be unable and unwilling to make even the slightest move toward ending the historic conflict, terminating the occupation and recognition of Palestine. Settlements would expand at a frantic pace. The chances of an eventual peace would move even further away.

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