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14 Mar, 2015

Motivational speakers modern charlatans – Sydney Morning Herald

I caught up with my friend on her return from the conference to find out how it was. As expected, it was four days of her life she’ll never get back.

During the event, she was made to sit through one of those ridiculous presentations from a motivational speaker. Actually, there were three presentations from these people – in effect, corporate cheerleaders – but the other two were so mind-numbing she couldn’t for the life of her remember what they’d said.

But one in particular did stick out and she was impressed by what the speaker had to say. So she sidled up to said speaker that night at the event dinner to let him know how impressed she was by his message.

After thanking him for his words of inspiration, she discovered the guy was blind drunk, just absolutely smashed to the point of embarrassment. He could barely string two words together he was so wasted, and my friend carefully backed away, although not before he’d belittled her by disparaging her kind words.

Wow. This was the same guy who only a few hours previously has preached about the need to be authentic, transparent and to follow your dreams.

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