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18 Feb, 2015

Happiness Index Survey: PhDs less happy than the less well-educated

Beijing, (People’s Daily Online), February 17, 2015 – A report released by China Household Finance Survey last Thursday shows that the improvement in educational level has not created a greater sense of happiness, and that PhDs feel even less happy than the least well-educated.

Overall, a higher level of education means less happiness. Primary school graduates are the happiest people, with a happiness index of 133.3, and people with a doctoral certificate enjoy the lowest happiness index, only 121.0, even lower than the 130.2 index of the least-well-educated.

From a gender perspective, statistics show that male PhDs are less happy than females.

In terms of jobs and income, the report found that people who earn 20 to 30 yuan per hour are the happiest. The happiness index decreases as the number passes 30 yuan.

Interestingly, people who have an hourly income of more than 30 yuan have the same happiness index as those who earn 7 to 12 yuan per hour. Meanwhile, the longer the daily working hours, the unhappier people will be. People who work fewer than eight hours a day have a happiness index of about 134, and the number drops to 126.8 for those who work more than 11 hours.

Geographically, people in Shandong Province have the highest happiness index, with a score of 147.5, while the number in Guizhou Province is the lowest, only 118.6. The happiness index in first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai is 135.0, tied for seventh around the country.

This article was edited and translated from 《居民幸福感调查:博士不如文盲?》, source: The Beijing News, author: Su Manli.