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31 Dec, 2014

Now Indian Buddhist group wants to reconvert followers back from Hinduism – The Hindu

An estimated 6,000 OBC (1,600) families in Maharashtra have registered themselves with an organisation engaged in a campaign for ghar vapsi for ‘Buddhists’ who were converted recently. They want to embrace Buddhism, claiming it as their “real home”.

As the right-wing Hindu organisations give an aggressive push to their ghar vapsi agenda in a bid to form a ‘Hindurashtra’ by converting Muslims and Christians to Hinduism, an intense campaign by OBC organisations is on in the State to bring back people into the Buddhist fold.

“When we tried to find out our roots, it became clear that we are ‘nagvanshi’. It proves that the OBCs were originally Buddhists. We have decided to return to our home. This is not conversion. This is the real ghar vapsi,” said Satyashodhak OBC Parishad activist Hanumant Upare, whose organisation aims to conduct mass conversion of five lakh OBCs into Buddhism in October 2016.

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