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3 Dec, 2014

GetVoIP Study: 21% of Tech Employees Admit to Stealing from Work, Especially During Holiday Hustle

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 02, 2014 – GetVoIP, a one-stop hub for tech industry news, today released the results of their most recent survey, which asked American tech employees: “Have you ever stolen an object from your work/employer?”

An amazing 21% of tech employees confess to stealing from their employer. Out of the 21% of respondents who did steal, we asked them the average dollar value of the item stolen, and found that 66% of those employees admitted to stealing an item valued at $1 to $19, among 3 other higher value tiers.

This study further went to ask tech employees “Why did you steal?”, and found that 29% stole because they were too lazy to go out and buy the object, while second highest majority group of 24% said they stole because they knew they can get away with it.

For more in-depth information on this study, including theft ratios by gender, and income, visit GetVoIP’s Tech Employee Theft Statistics page here: http://getvoip.com/blog/2014/12/02/tech-employee-theft

Study Methodology:

GetVoIP surveyed 2,050 American employees via Google Consumer Surveys through the months of October and November 2014. In the survey, participants were asked the following question: (1) If you ever stole anything from your work/employer? (2) What was the approximate dollar value of the item you took? (3) Why did you steal?. This survey did not include the results from respondents that selected “Do not steal from employer”, leaving a grand total of 389 qualified participants. Google gathers responses by requesting answers in exchange for access to premium content.

About GetVoIP: http://getvoip.com/