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24 Dec, 2014

Balinese Hindus commemorate victory of good over evil | The Jakarta Post

Millions of Balinese Hindus across the island observed Galungan, to commemorate good’s victory over evil, on Wednesday. From early morning, people flocked to temples and shrines to perform prayers. Wearing their best colorful Balinese attire, they brought offerings, including many kinds of fruit, cakes and canang sari (a delicate banana leaf arrangement with petals on top).

The Jagatnatha temples in regencies across Bali were also flocked by Hindu devotees. At Denpasar Jagatnatha temple, hundreds of people performed prayers until night. Dozens of Hindu priests from the Paiketan Pemangku Kota Denpasar association voluntarily served Hindu devotees performing prayers.

Jagatnatha Hindu priest, Jero Mangku I Made Langgeng Buana, said that people had started arriving at the temple to pray from 6 a.m. “They are not only natives of Denpasar but also people from Buleleng and other areas of Bali who are working in Denpasar and cannot go to their hometowns for the holiday,” Buana said.

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