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19 Dec, 2014

Asia Times Online: Netanyahu shatters Israel’s image

No Israeli government has shattered Israel’s international image more than the administration of Benjamin Netanyahu has done over the past six years. Not only have Netanyahu and his cohorts systematically engaged in rancorous public narratives against the Palestinians, they have taken action that could only attest to his unwavering commitment to expand the settlements and prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Although the Palestinians have also contributed to the enmity and distrust between the two sides, the conduct of Netanyahu and company has left Israel isolated and scorned while dramatically shifting international public opinion in favor of the Palestinians.

To promote his political scheme, Netanyahu has skillfully linked every conflicting issue with the Palestinians to Israel’s national security. He masterfully manipulated public opinion over the years to justify his misadventures and continued occupation in the name of national security, while bringing the peace process to a grinding halt.

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