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29 Nov, 2014

The two signs you’re a workaholic – Sydney Morning Herald

There’s never been an easier time to be a workaholic. If you’re so inclined, you have at your disposal a number of contraptions and factors to get you hooked. There’s the ubiquitous ‘smart’ phone, with your job merely a tap away. There’s the ‘do more with less’ mantra, compelling you to fill the gap. And there’s our hyper-connected world, with clients expecting you to be on demand.

But this only tells part of the story. We know this because many employees refuse to be sucked into the black hole of obsessive work despite being confronted by the same devices and pressures. So could it be certain types of people are especially drawn to workaholism?

Earlier this year, researchers tested 333 employees for a number of characteristics to see if any of them were higher among workaholics. The findings, published in the International Journal of Stress Management, discovered two in particular as being “significantly associated” with this addiction: achievement motivation and perfectionism.

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