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11 Sep, 2014

Dynamic Modi faces daunting challenges | The Japan Times

Finally, an urgent task awaiting the new government is the need to build cohesion out of diversity. The Muslim population of India is close to 15 percent and this community is a vibrant part of India. Yet, on every economic and social measure, it ranks low. While the reasons for this are complex, the reality of their weaker economic and political power has rendered many disgruntled and with a sense of being marginalized.

The new government must focus on this community’s grievances and demonstrate an approach that is inclusive and credible to the Muslim population. One can always believe in one’s virtue; what counts is that others believe in you. Governments are often defined by their failures, and given what was seen by many as anti-Muslim rhetoric during the Modi campaign, real progress in addressing this community’s specific needs as part of an “all India” economic drive can help prove naysayers wrong.

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