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28 Sep, 2014

A ‘Goebbels propaganda prize’ for the corporate western media? – English pravda.ru

by Professor Arthur Noble

Pravda (‘Truth’) is indeed aptly named: its factual, accurate and objective reporting on current geopolitical events stands in stark contrast to the lies that are churned out and regurgitated daily by the Western media, for which ‘Falsehood’ would be an appropriate collective description.

To counteract the farce of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the EU for sowing chaos and violence across the Eurozone countries, a similar prize should be invented, called ‘The Joseph Goebbels Propaganda Prize’, and awarded – this time justifiably – to the corporate Western media for their lies, distortion and censorship of events in Ukraine.

Goebbels, who was the Nazis’ notorious Minister of Propaganda and an arch-liar, said in 1933 that the bigger the lie and the more often it was repeated, the more people would believe it, even if no evidence could be produced. Make the lie big, keep telling it, and it will eventually have the desired effect of brainwashing its victims. Goebbels further claimed that the secret of propaganda was to ‘saturate’ its intended target so completely with its lies that the target would not realise that it was being ‘saturated’; and Hitler himself called propaganda a ‘weapon’ for use in the service of war.

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