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28 Sep, 2014

2014: Clash of civilizations? – pravda.ru

At the beginning of the Millennium, much was said about a clash of civilizations between the West and Islamist movements, terminology which was unacceptable to the former and more and more used by the latter. Today, we see increased intrusion by the West not only in Islamic States but also in Eastern Europe and growing hostility in the world community against the international politics practiced by Washington and its Poodles.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, spoke on television in the USA, using buzz phrases such as “a successful democratic and pluralistic State”, referring to Syria, Iraq and Iran. And here lies the crux of the matter.

How democratic is it for Scotland to be ruled by a Tory Party in Westminister, London, England, when a single Tory Member of Parliament was elected by the Scots, out of a total of 59 seats 41 for Labour, 11 for the Liberal Democrats, 6 for the SNP – Scottish Nationalist Party and 1 for the Tories. But guess who constitutes the Government?? How democratic is it for David Cameron to be Prime Minister of the UK when he was elected by a minority 36.1% of 65% of the electorate? The answer from David Cameron might well be that it is nobody else’s business and that the internal affairs of the United Kingdom pertain to the British and Irish people living there.

Fair enough, on one condition: that the United Kingdom in return does not stick its nose into the internal affairs of other countries, which, as we have seen, is simply not the case.

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