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18 Aug, 2014

Tips on How Dancing Can Help Ward Off Life-Altering Diseases

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) August 15, 2014 – Dance Pizazz, the St. Louis area funnest, friendliest dance studio (http://www.dance-pizazz.com), keeps a close eye on the latest developments in health and fitness in order to better serve all dancers. That’s why Dance Pizazz is sharing its top three ways that dancing as a form of exercise can help dancers of any level keep life-altering diseases at bay. Ballroom dance as a form of regular exercise can help by:

Promoting weight-bearing movement: This type of movement has been linked with helping in the strengthening of key muscle-groups. Dancing also engages the body all around -not just the legs – in comprehensive movement that promotes healthy cell growth, muscle and bone health, and posture and flexibility.

Loosing/maintaining a healthy weight: Obesity is one of the contributing factors to increased heart disease, diabetes, and other life-altering diseases. Because ballroom dance is an excellent form of aerobic exercise, it’s also a stellar calorie burner. The results from continued dancing are always palpable as an obese body loses weight and a toned body keeps it off.

Improving circulation: A cardio workout means better blood flow to the muscles and more oxygenation to all organ groups. From a more holistic approach, dancing is a proven stress-buster, as time in the studio can also mean “me time.” In most cases, dancing in a studio regularly also expands the dancer’s social circle, another proven stress-reliever with long-term positive consequences for the dancer’s mind-body connection.

Few forms of exercise offer all these benefits at once and Dance Pizazz knows it. Check out http://www.dance-pizazz.com to see other ways in which ballroom dance can help lower the risk for undesirable diseases.