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30 Aug, 2014

Stopping the boss from following you home – Sydney Morning Herald

There is a certain kind of person for whom the phrase “work-life balance” is meaningless, because work is life, and life is work. The body may be home with the dog and the TV, but the mind is still a whirr of stock options and invoices and client meetings; the clock may have ticked past five, but the working day is never over. These people are the beating heart and thrumming lifeblood of any office; they are the people who keep moving because if they don’t keep moving they die, like a great white shark or a clown on a giant unicycle.

Those people must have rejoiced when the mobile telephone, that clunky one-note communication tool of yesteryear, a glorified tin-can-on-a-string, mutated and evolved into the all-singing, all-dancing multipurpose supercomputer that we have in our pockets and dismiss with the name “smartphone”. As such,every incoming message could buzz satisfyingly and instantaneously on the hip; responses could be drafted and sent without having to do anything so time-consuming as switch on a laptop. Truly, those people were plugged in, forever connected to the world of work; for them, there could be no greater joy.

I am not one of those people. In fact, they are awful people.

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