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3 Aug, 2014

Muslim world condemns Dual-Citizen U.S. Jews fighting in Gaza

Rabat, 29/07/2014 – The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) strongly condemned the flow of American Jewish volunteers to Israel to fight alongside Israeli forces attacking Gaza Strip for more than 22 days now by planes, tanks and rockets, brutally killing and injuring hundreds of children, women and elders, and destroying schools, hospitals and residential buildings.

ISESCO deemed such an involvement of pro-Zionist young American Jews in the killing of Palestinians and destruction of their livelihoods, as a terrorist act originating in a heinous extremist culture and religious intolerance.

ISESCO condemns American volunteers’ fighting  alongside Israeli soldiers in Gaza

In the same vein, ISESCO pointed out to Clayton Swisher’s article “America’s Israeli Jihadists” published last week in www.huffingtonpost.com, in which the Amercian journalist criticized strongly the contribution of those American volunteers to the deaths of at least 633 Palestinian civilians since the war on Gaza began.

On this occasion, ISESCO called on the United Nations and other international organizations to condemn this involvement of American citizens in acts of terrorism, and urge the United States to withdraw them immediately and to deal with them in the same manner it deals with terrorists everywhere else in the world, otherwise it will just turn into a maker and supporter of terrorism.