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12 Aug, 2014

Be warned, BJP-RSS combine’s agenda is to divide and rule – Hindustan Times

A disturbing tendency visible during the election campaign appears to have become the perfected strategy of the RSS/BJP now in government with an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha, albeit with a mere 31% share of those who voted. This tendency, true to their character, is to speak/act with a forked tongue — one for public consumption to give a false comfort level and the other for ground level mobilisation. The BJP discharges this responsibility as the political arm of the RSS.

Thus, ‘development’ and ‘Gujarat model’ employed as election mascots were only the veil concealing the actual ground reality of the campaign that focused on the sharpening of communal polarisation. Much of the BJP’s electoral gains, apart from various other factors, including a widespread disgust with the Congress-led UPA 2 rule during the last few years, has been due to such brazen ‘vote-bank’ politics, ie, the communal consolidation of the ‘Hindu vote-bank’. It is, therefore, quite natural that this BJP victory would lead to the aggressive pursuit of the RSS ideological project of converting the secular democratic Indian Republic into their version of a rabidly intolerant fascistic ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

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