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27 Jul, 2014

War and the US –what you don’t see can’t hurt – Al Jazeera Blogs

The images of the grief in Gaza and Israel are just powerful. The video of the dead, the grieving and destruction stays with you. The Pentagon knows this, which is why for years no one was allowed to take any video of the caskets of fallen soldiers being returned home. The loss becomes real. War becomes real.

I just watched video of a father being told his baby girl was dead. And his pain seared my heart. In many ways I wish I had never seen that, but to me, turning away would in some ways insult her memory. I have to watch this to really know what is happening. Information that makes us more empathetic humans cannot be a bad thing, even if it is so terribly hard at times.

With this heavy heart, I think I might take another walk. This time, I might go see the newest memorial; it honors the life of Martin Luther King Junior. He spent his life in the search for justice through the use of non-violent resistance. It will be good to be in the one place here where non-violence is held up as something worth honoring, something worth remembering.

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